The Benefits of Choosing a Local Orthodontist Over Corporate Chains

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Orthodontics for Adults, Orthodontics for Kids

In the realm of orthodontic care, the decision between a local, independent orthodontist and a corporate-owned chain practice is crucial for patients and their families. Both options provide orthodontic treatments, but there are significant advantages to choosing an independent local orthodontist.

Personalized Care and Patient Engagement

Personalized Care and Attention

Local orthodontists often prioritize personalized care tailored to the individual needs of each patient. They build relationships within their communities, getting to know their patients on a personal level. This personalized approach fosters trust and ensures that patients receive customized treatment plans specifically designed for their unique dental needs.


Studies have shown that patient-centered approaches in healthcare, which are a hallmark of independent practices, significantly enhance patient satisfaction and overall well-being​ (BioMed Central)​.

Familiarity and Continuity

Seeing the same orthodontist throughout the course of treatment fosters a sense of familiarity and continuity, especially comforting for younger patients. Local orthodontists are deeply rooted in their communities, providing a sense of stability and reliability that may not be as evident in corporate-owned practices, where turnover rates can be higher.

Community and Quality Focus

Consistency and Patient Focus

Unlike corporate-owned practices where multiple orthodontists may rotate through various locations, local orthodontists offer a consistent and reliable point of contact throughout the treatment journey. Corporate offices may operate under quotas, potentially compromising the quality of care or rushing treatment plans to meet business objectives. In contrast, local orthodontists prioritize patient well-being over corporate targets, providing a more patient-centric experience focused on achieving optimal treatment outcomes.

Community Engagement and Support

Local orthodontists are integral members of their communities, actively participating in local events, supporting schools, and sponsoring community initiatives. By choosing a local orthodontist, patients not only receive exceptional dental care but also contribute to the vitality and growth of their community.

Roland Park Local Orthodontists

Emphasis on Individualized Treatment

Individualized Treatment Philosophy

Independent orthodontists have the flexibility to develop their own treatment philosophies and approaches based on their expertise and patient preferences. They are not bound by corporate protocols or quotas, allowing them to focus solely on delivering the highest quality of care without external pressures.

Enhanced Doctor-Patient Relationship

Local orthodontists dedicate more time and attention to building strong doctor-patient relationships. Patients often feel valued and respected as individuals rather than mere numbers in a corporate system. This close rapport fosters open communication, trust, and mutual respect, creating a supportive environment conducive to successful treatment outcomes.

In conclusion, while corporate-owned orthodontic chains may offer certain conveniences and resources, choosing a local orthodontist that operates independently provides unparalleled benefits in terms of personalized care, continuity, accessibility, community engagement, treatment philosophy, and doctor-patient relationships. Opting for a local orthodontist not only invests in your dental health but also contributes to the well-being of your community while receiving exceptional orthodontic care tailored to your individual needs.

Dr. Dina Sanchez, a distinguished orthodontist at Roland Park Orthodontics, embodies the epitome of personalized patient care and community involvement. With a passion for providing individualized treatment, Dr. Sanchez ensures each patient receives the highest quality of care tailored to their unique needs. Beyond the confines of her practice, she actively supports her community by advocating for local educators, sponsoring sports clubs, and participating in various community initiatives.

Furthermore, Dr. Sanchez’s dedication to her profession extends to academia, where she serves as a respected professor at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, imparting her knowledge and expertise to aspiring dental professionals. Through her unwavering commitment to both her patients and her community, Dr. Dina Sanchez sets a shining example of a local orthodontist dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Dr. Dina Sanchez

Dr. Dina Sanchez

Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Dina Sanchez is a board certified orthodontist, mom, published author, wife, University of Maryland clinical professor, abstract artist, tooth fairy, and accidental lacrosse superfan. Learn more about Dr. D here.